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The stories revealed

the many moments in my life

Many wonder, few ask. Leslie Carvery has been sharing her personal photos with social media friends, fans and family for years. Being a documenteur Leslie has been able to photograph thousands of memories. Now not only is she sharing the images but her exciting stories too in her up coming novel "Moments"

"Moments is an non chronological look into the adventures and everyday life of a woman not held back by anything.

Leslie raises a child in the length of her dance career, she travels the world without having a pay cheque, she dances through life gently with joy and aspiration. A performer, teacher, explorer, woman enjoying the freedom of her time.

"Moments" is like a huge glass canvas on which I painted my life.Then I smashed it and picked up all the interesting pieces and tossed them into this book.

"Moments will be available for Pre Sales June 29th 2017

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