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A Goddess in Santorini

When you visit one of the most beautiful places on earth you want amazing photos to come home with. I did a Goddess shoot on my first day on the breath-taking Island. It was off season , which is my favorite travel time. The hotel I was booked in ,was quite empty allowing me to shoot many photos freely. The beaches and town were also less inhabited.

The ferry from Athens to Santorini is 8 hours long. This amazing ferry felt more like a Titanic voyage then a passenger trip. It had snack bars and restaurants and so many levels of seating. Out door, semi out door. inside lounges, children's area, A lot of space, lots of plug in areas, wifi. The staff were friendly and helpful.

I boarded at 7 a.m. Settled in, bought a tea, and enjoyed the voyage. I went up on deck for some windy sea air to rejuvenate me, Read my book, wrote some thoughts , even made a couple of friends.

The Blue Star Ferry stopped in the last port of the day Santorini. I departed from the ship and walked towards the waiting people, Tears flowed from my eyes unexpectedly. I cried at the beauty of this gorgeous land. My host and I found each other easily . She greeted me with a warm Greek hug and drove me to the hotel. I booked through airbnb and because it was late in the season got a really good deal on my room. The place was beautiful with the Greek colors and heart shaped pool. I was a minutes walk from the beach and many restaurants.

The food was lovely, drink inexpensive and service great. I enjoyed my evenings checking out the bars and hot spots. I felt safe.

I took a bus into town and browsed the shops and eateries.

I bought myself some of the sea sponge famous product of Santorini.

The Island has lots to take in. I was very impressed and wished I had booked a longer time to explore the many more beautiful sites.

This Tuna sandwich and 2 glasses of wine cost a mere 5 .80 Euros.

How is this possible??

So with great prices and wonderful sites to see . I had a fantastic time. I took the photographs I wished for and added another fav destination to my list.

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