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Leslie Carvery has enjoyed a wonderful dance career. Leslie has 20 years of teaching dance under her sparkled belt.  She opened the famous “Shake It dance studio” In November 2000, closing its doors thirteen years later. The studio was home to many of Halifax’s dancers, the after school program Side Street Kids, a venue for musicians and festivals. Leslie’s decision to leave her dance world was due to the time and energy she wanted to give her other artist passions.

Life in Montreal has been wonderful for Leslie. The decision not to reopen a studio simplified her life. Leslie now teaches only private lessons out of her home. She is happy with the dance downsize.  Her classes are still fun and professional in her make shift studio,

“I lived in my large studio for many years, now I dance in my small apartment”

Leslie has won many dance competitions, attention the World Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico in 1999, 2001 & 2003. Leslie has trained dancers who now teach and have competed.  She has danced, choreographer productions like “Me and Joesphine, Café Del Mar, Selena death after life”.   All with wonderful reviews and write ups.

Teaching dance has always been a great joy in my life.
I feel I can lay my dance hat down for now, I have lived a beautiful dance life.
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