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You can never go home

This is a topic my son and I hash over often. He is a young man who has left his home early traveling and experiencing the newness

of the world. I explained to him that returning home will have changed and nothing will be the same. I had struggled with the same conclusion throughout my life. When you grow .... your return will be altered. Those great times with Donna, Roger and Tim will never be the same. Tim has mental illness ,that now is evident, Donna can't relate to your travel stories so she pretends it is all just brag talk with no place in your friendship and Roger is worried and distracted and can't find the same light pleasure in the goofy light heated conversations you once shared.

You can never return to the Country you left because you will always been seen as someone who sought a better life. Your new language makes it harder for your friends to relate when you use your old tongue. Home is not the same . You are an adult to your parents , who never really knew you past the child they raised. Your opinions and ideas have sped out of their controlled wading pool.

The land has changed. The trees were cut down and the old hangout cafe is now an office for unemployed folk. The air smells different from your child's mind inhale. You are a stranger to everyone but yourself as you try to make new room for your growth in an old existence.

You can never go home.

Leslie Carvery

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