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Hello Everyone

I welcome you to my wonderful site and blog. I have every intention of blogging regularly and inviting my friends, fans, & family to interact with me.

Face book is a place to keep my friends and post information that is on the friendly level. I don;t always share my inner opinions and outlooks in that media venue. I do hope to talk about what is important to Leslie on my blog. My own safe house.

Foe those of you who do not know me...well buckle in... I am an Artist from Nova Scotia (well born in Toronto) and now reside in the city I most adore Montreal.

I am a multi medium artist. I paint and design, I photograph , I dance and teach and write.

My journey has been beautiful. I will share many thing here on this site, as I am an adventurer and documenter .

My lifestyle is somewhat different from the folks I grew up with. I will often talk about my lifestyle decisions.

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